Self Portrait in Madagascar, 2014.

Self Portrait in Madagascar, 2014.

Chiu Chui Lung

Chiu Chui-Lung, who born in 1983 in Taiwan, and graduated as an MFA degree from Department of Motion Pictures at National Taiwan University of Arts. He is a film director and photography artist. He’d participated in several important projects and worked for some famous director whom belong to “Taiwan New Wave Cinema” to improve his ability of filmmaking. In 2015, He and his wife have established “Little Manjushri Photography & Film Production”, their company's business includes in film and television production, visual art project, commercial film, and video design of the theater. They make different kinds of film and insist to keep the value of humanities and art in, they also introduce the local stories about Taiwan and Asia to all the audience around the world. In the future, Their team willkeep on to finding the new way of telling the story by filmmaking, and let film to deliver the culture spirits.


Winner, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre “Wanderer program”, 2016-2017

Featured, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Award, 2017

Featured, The 10th Taoyuan Creation Award, 2012

Featured, The Taipei Arts Award, 2011